The Santa Maria, Columbus, Ohio, USA


The Santa Maria is located in Columbus, Ohio and is permanently docked on the Scioto river in downtown Columbus.  It commemorates the first European voyage to America by Christopher Columbus and the sailing and operation of the traditional square-rigged sailing vessels which made the voyage.  The Santa Maria is an educational museum used to teach the importance and impact of the first voyage as well as the technology of the square-rigged ship. 


Ship Statistics:

Overall Length: 98 feet

Height: From the keel to the top of the mast: 89 feet.  Hull Dimensions: At the water line: 72 feet by 26 feet.  The hull is 2.5 inches thick below the water line and 1.75 inches thick above the water line.

Weight: 130 tons with ballast

Main Mast: This 65-foot mast is carved from a single Douglas fir.

Hull Planking: 44,000 board feet of Port Oreford cedar.

Deck Planking: and spars 22,000 board feet of Douglas fir.

Frames: 24,000 board feet of Alaskan yellow cedar.

Sails: 2,700 square feet.

Rigging: 4,000 linear feet of line.

Knees: 1,000 board feet of White Oak.

Tar: 55 gallons used to preserve the fixed rigging.


Up-rigging usually takes place in early spring each year between the middle of March and the start of April.


Down-rigging usually takes place in early November each year.

Down-rigging for 2011 will be (date to be determined). Starting at 8 AM - ending ??


Further Information:

For further information please visit the Santa Maria web site. Santa Maria