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IGKT - England

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A Page of knots

Animated knots



Barry Brown's site 

Boondoggle and Gimps site

Breaking Strength of Rope




Chinese knots - decorative

Chinese knotting



Dave does knotwork

Decorative knots

Dutch knotting site




Fischer, Olaf - German knotting site

Fishing knots

Folsom knots

Frayed Knot Arts



Glass fishing floats

Gold and Platinum Turk's Head rings

Grog's Boating Knots

Gura, Bill's site



I will knot




Killroy's Fishing knots

Knot Heads World Wide

The Knotplot Site

Knots you need know

Knots by

A Knotting page

Another Knotting Site




Manitou Boats Knot Videos

Marlinspike Skills

Marty Comb's Site (Great books!)




Pro Knot




Rope works

Roper's knot page



Shoelace knotting

Suber, Peter's site



Tie the Square / Reef knot

Turk's Head knot 1

Turk's Head knot 2

Turk's Head knot 3

Turk's Head Cookbook

Tyler's Website



We Knot

Willeke's Knot Site - (Great pictures!)

Woggle World - 3L4B turk's head