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Knot Names

Same knot - different names

Information for the knot names came from a variety of sources.
Some are:
The Ashley book of Knots by Clifford W. Ashley, ISBN:0-385-04025-3,
Great Knots and how to tie them by Derrick Lewis, ISBN:0-8069-4889-2,
the Internet, and other sources.


Knot Name

 Alternate Names



 Alpine Butterfly

Butterfly noose, Lineman loop

 Angler's knot

English knot, Englishman's knot, Fisherman's knot, Halibut knot, Water knot

 Back Splice

Crown splice, Dog pointing, Spanish pointing

 Blood knot

Barrel knot

 Bowline knot

Bowlin knot, Bowling, Bulin knot

 Carrick Bend

Anchor bend, Cowboy knot, Sailor's knot, Split knot, Wake knot, Warp knot

 Carrick Bend on-the-bight

Josephine knot (Macrame'), Sailor's breastplate knot

 Cat's Paw

Hook hitch, Strob hitch

 Clove hitch

Boatman's hitch, Builder's knot, Double half hitch, Peg knot, Steamboat hitch. When used to tie up a steam boat, tied around a tree, called "choking a stump"

 Englishman's Loop

Cove knot, Middleman's knot, Overhand bend, Waterman's knot

 Figure Eight knot

Flemish knot, Lanyard knot, Savoy knot

 Fireman's knot

Chair knot, Hitched Tom Fool's knot, Man-Harness from Tom Fool's knot

 Granny knot

Calf knot, False knot, Garden knot, Granary knot, Lubber's knot

 Halter hitch

Hitching tie, Manger tie, Slip noose hitch

 Harness knot

Artillery loop, Artilleryman's hitch, Butterfly knot, Harness hitch, Man-harness hitch

 Highwayman's hitch

Draw hitch

 Killick hitch

Killeg hitch, Slingstone hitch

 Lark's Head

Bale sling hitch, Carriage hitch, Cinch hitch, Cow hitch, Deadeye hitch, Girth hitch, Hoist hitch, Lanyard hitch, Ring hitch, Running eye, Sling hitch, Tag loop

 Man-O-War Sheepshank

Navy sheepshank, Handcuff knot, Sheepshank with a sword knot

 Monkey's Fist

Button knot, Heaving line knot, Pouch knot

 Overhand knot

Half knot, Over-and-under, Simple twist, Single knot, Thumb knot

 Perfection knot

Angler's loop

 Picket-line hitch

Artilleryman's Picket, Fisherman's Ground Line hitch, Sack knot

 Rolling hitch

Adjustable hitch, Magnus hitch, Magner's hitch, Tautline hitch

 Sheet Bend

Becket bend, Common bend, Flag bend, Ordinary bend, Simple hitch, Swab hitch

 Short Splice

Over-and-Under splice, Regular splice, Sailor's short splice

 Slip knot

Noose, Running knot, Single bow

 Square knot

Common knot, Flat knot, Hard knot, Reef knot, Regular knot, String tie knot, True knot

 Timber hitch

Countryman's knot, Lumberman's knot

 Trucker's hitch

Power-cinch, Wagoner's hitch

 True Lover's knot

Cross knot, Southern cross knot, Two-strand lanyard

 Turle knot

Major Turle's knot, The Turtle

 Wall knot

Pig-tail, Walnut knot, Whale knot