More Than Knots

Burr Oak Scouting Outing

Every year.  Scout Troop 72, Glouster, Ohio invites about 800 of their closest scouting friends for a weekend campout, another 200 adults show up to keep order, and a good time is had by all.


We meet in a remote, primitive, camping area owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at the Burr Oak resort area in southern Ohio.  The event attracts Boy Scout troops from about a five state area. 


Since 1999, the IGKT-NAB has had a booth at the Scouting Outing.  We have a 10’ X 20’ outdoor booth set up with all kinds of knot work, walking staffs, and knot boards. 

Each year we try to have a theme knot or project for scouts.  One year it was jug slings, another was an ocean plait, and yet another year it was how to set up a floating flag pole. 


Scouts can stop by anytime during the camping event, look over the displays, ask questions, get training in basic knotting, and learn how to tie any knots they would like to know. 



As an IGKT member, it really tests your knowledge to run the booth because you never know what question will be asked about knots and knotting.


In addition to the knot board, knotting, and walking staff displays, we also set up a Tyin’ Rack.  This is a framework we’ve made to assist scouts in learning the basic knots scouting feels they need to know. 

Actually we’ve made two Tyin’ Racks.  One is partially shown in the photograph to the left.  The other is held in reserve and used at scout functions throughout the year.

Main entrance to the Burr Oak Scouting Outing

IGKT Booth at the Burr Oak Scouting Outing

Partial knot board display with Tyin’ Rack in the background

Our smaller Tyin’ Rack

If you are in a scout troop or in scouting this is a great outing to attend. 


The Burr Oak Scouting Outing has been cancelled for several years.


For information about the Burr Oak State Park: Burr Oak State Park