More Than Knots

Flat Knotting

I like to do flat knotting.  Some of these are knots based upon the Carrick Bend on-the-bight (Sailor’s Breastplate Knot).  Others are based upon the Overhand Knot. 


The knots are formed on a flat surface—hence the “flat” part of the knotting. 


I feel they look great!


The compound knot on the left is based upon the Carrick Bend and the Carrick Bend on-the-bight.

Items Needed

The knot on the right (on the green background) is based upon a weave made from the Carrick Bend.

Step 3:

The smaller pictures are flat knots made with string.  It gives a new meaning to the aphorism, “Ever try to push a string?”

Flat knot designed based upon the Carrick Bend on-the-bight.  (Sailor's Breastplate Knot.)

The flat knot to the left is based upon the Carrick Bend.  It is called a Carrick Bend Mat.

Many of these weaves don’t have names.  But that doesn’t stop me from making them and it won’t stop you from enjoying the pictures. 

The flat knot above is known as the “Victory Knot?  It really is a Carrick Bend trebled.